OPENWEHR - the EU-Project

The main aim of the ecological measures of the cross border project OPENWEHR is to get fishes passing their way at the whole watershed area of the River Raba.
The planned measures should help to achieve the EU joint development water regulations and support all target groups who are living and cultivating land along the area and guarantee an ecologigal good condition of the river Raba.

A common monitoring system should be installed to measure the effectivity of the tactics for the fauna of the river Raba.
Better Information for the target audiences in the area (water quality, flood risk management and infrastructure development between the project partners) will be an other output of this project.

The most important pilot measures are:

  • Styria: Fishpassages, Reactivity of the back waters in the area of the weir Hohenbrugg
  • Burgenland: Fishpassages, Reactivity of the back waters in the area of the weir Neumarkt and modification of the weir
  • Hungary: Fishpassages and modification of the weir Szentgotthard

The Project Partners:

  • Nyugat-dunántúli Vízügyi Igazgatóság
    Vörösmarty u. 2., 9700 Szombathely,
  • Federal State of Styria, represented by Department 19 A of the Styria Federal State Government - Water Management Planning and Municipal Water Management
    Stempfergasse 5-7, 8010 Graz,
  • Federal State of Burgenland, represented by Department 9 of the Burgenland Federal State Government - Water and Waste Management
    Europaplatz 1, 7000 Eisenstadt,

Fishpassages integrating in the weir-systems of the river RAAB in the whole frontier area of Hungary and Austria!

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